Today's New Dawn
Life speaks the truth to me!

Today, you will come across an important fact/figure/revelation that will create upheaval in your life. You might feel isolated, left alone or lost. If you are an observant, you had seen this coming and are mentally strong to face it.

If this is unexpected, then accept it as it comes. Whatever it be, ACCEPT IT please. That is the first and most important step to
resolve a problem. Yes, it is a bad day. Yes, you have lost your job
for a fault that was not yours. Yes, your boss did not let you make
that presentation on which you had worked for months. Yes, today
you will feel there is no way forward.

Take a deep breath and relax! This incident happened with you
today because life wanted to teach you a lesson. Life is preparing you for something much bigger and better. It is transforming you into a
person you had never thought you could become. You had deviated from your life purpose and it is taking you back on the path that you are suppose to unravel.

Don’t challenge your life purpose. Instead see what best can be done to overcome this problem/situation. Ask your inner self to help you. Stay alone for some time and talk to yourself.

Yes! Life is difficult for each one of us in it’s own way. You are a born fighter. Fight it out like all others who have made it big in life.
Mind taming the evil…

It might be a bit difficult today. You are feeling trapped in a situation. Can’t leave the job as you need to pay your bills. Your family is dependent on you.

Not getting along with the boss as he is insecure and is using
his authority to make your life hell. You are feeling constrained
in this office. You are not able to portray your true potential.
You are overtly focussed on money and power. The end goal
of a bigger house, bigger car, more bank balance etc. is more important for you than the concerns/worries/difficulties of
the people who work for you.
Whatever be the situation, the negative aspect will seem to be powerful today. Relax! Don’t take any major decisions today & definitely don’t resign. If your right & fair, then today is
definitely not your day. Stay quiet. Don’t react and simply
observe. Read the minds of people who are not letting you
grow in your career.  There is a way to break every stone.
Explore that way today. Have faith. This is a part of your
learning to handle a bigger tide in the future. But don’t forget. Bigger the tide, bigger the reward.
Note from my conscience to my ego

Today you are withdrawing from a battle at workplace. Not because you are scared or afraid but because it is your strategy to win the bigger battle or the war.

You are forgiving someone for the wrong that he has done. You are demonstrating your greatness. You are gaining respect.

Your skill/knowledge/experience is far more powerful than others collectively. Hence, by letting go or withdrawing you are only making yourself irreplaceable.

Your beliefs and your decisions are right and rock solid. No one can alter them. This withdrawal shows your confidence in yourself and your skillset.  You are only handling this situation in a more creative manner. You are far more powerful and strong from within. Continue planning for the bigger objective in your career and bypass the trivial ones like this.