Moments of Love

She knew it will take time. She knew it generally takes time. He
has just reached Indore, how can he call so soon?

He will reach the hostel, meet all his new mates, settle down, have
food, take rest and then only might get free. Oh! She was way too understanding. She kept telling herself, ‘No it will take time. It
generally takes time’.

She waited. Ofcourse! That day. All day.

He settled well. Met new mates. Made new mates. They studied, played, ate and travelled together. They took their time. They
needed time together.

And she? Still waited. Just that now it was no more about few
hours. Its been few months.

It was very cold. Almost close to zero degree. One such morning, amidst fog, marching ahead was a 19 year old girl. Her hands had almost frozen. Every step that she took was challenged by the gust
of wind. Her vision being blurred by the fog.

It was cold outside, but warm inside.

That was the beginning of a new journey which she hoped would
last an entire lifetime. A journey full of fun and laughter. A journey
full of co-operation and compromise.

And she was right. Just as she was about to reach her destination,
did she notice a 20 year old guy standing in the balcony, shivering
in cold.

He was waiting for her. He was also looking forward to a new
journey. A journey full of equality.

Moments Of Victory
There are times in our lives when we wonder ‘will I be able to do
this alone?’

She was feeling the same. She was shifting apartments for the
first time in her life alone in a metro city. She had no friends
whom she could call. Rather, her friends were the reason why
she decided to take this daring step.

‘Everyone cannot get along with everyone. And the moment we
realise this, it makes sense to part ways. This is the only way to
restore mental peace.’ This being her philosophy.

There was a lot of luggage. There was lot to de done. She kept
doing what was supposed to done one after the other. She was
strong physically. She was strong mentally. But somewhat
exhausted emotionally.

She realised this was a testing time. God was teaching her to be
strong. God was preparing her for more lessons in the future.
She did it with ease. Much more easily that she had anticipated.
The new house was the beginning of a new chapter. The new
house let her trash the old and welcome the new. She felt like a
winner that night. She had won the battle against herself.

Moments Of Truth
I knew I was right. I knew I was not dreaming. Ofcourse he loves me. Ofcourse he wants to be with me. Yes, we work together. Yes, he is a senior. But so what. This will never effect our relationship.

These were Jenni’s thoughts. She was indeed in love and could only see the world through her heart. Her mind had taken a back seat.

Everyone in office hushed about her affair. They wanted to tell her she is being used. There is a motive behind everything. But she would not allow anyone to even speak a word. She thought she knew it all. ‘Oh I can handle this on my own’. Jenni felt this way all the time.

Then came a day when she was told to leave.
Then came a day when she woke up from her sleep.
Then came a day when her ‘love’ turned his back. Or rather did what was expected.

As Jenni stood there, with the letter in her hand, her heart broke into innumerable pieces. Each piece screaming to her, ‘We tried telling you so many times. Why did you not listen? Why did you not listen?’