Moments Of Life

Each day is made up of several moments. Each moment depicts certain emotion. This emotion-driven moment creates an experience. These experiences with time create memories.

A collection of few significant moments of life...

Moments Of Trust

Suddenly amidst other things, an authoritative hand bend down to shake mine. Broad palm and firm shake. No it wasn’t a greeting. It was more. It was an invitation. It was to exemplify how hard he can get. How much hardness I can take?

He had the power. He had the experience. He had the confidence.
And I? I had none.

As I stood there numb, perplexed and embarrassed, I saw a familiar face. Those assuring eyes that looked straight into mine and from the distance said, ‘Don’t worry, you are mine.’         
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Moments Of Love

Utmost we could do was look into each other’s eyes. Some days a bit longer. Some days few more times.
Fights were resolved by his comforting look. Anger was conveyed by my big, bulging eyes.
‘Oh, am so sorry’ with his head bend low.
‘When do we get to meet?’ with my helpless gaze.
Then came a day. All boundaries surpassed. I asked for his phone and touched his fingertips. 
Then came the day. When we got closer. His hands engulfed mine as I returned his handset. I felt his warmth. I felt his love.   
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Moments Of Ambiguity

It’s that moment when your heart beats faster. You feel the hollowness within. This is what you were fearing. This is what you wanted to avoid to the core. And this is what happened.
​You don’t know what the next day holds, what the next moment will unfold.
You wish that friend had given you a clearer picture. You wish the people you trusted respected your trust.
You wish with a spin of the magical wand, you will get all the answers; muscles will relax, your body will ease.

Continues with the wishlist, the ambiguity…
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Today's New Dawn 

Today might not be the best day. Today everyone might be plotting against me. But that's only for today.

Tomorrow will be a new day. Tomorrow I will figure a way out. Tomorrow will be a new dawn. 

This section is a collection of several dialogues that we have internally when we face the unexpected. Dialogues between the mind and heart, conciounces and ego, heart and logic, good and evil and many more.
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